What is Spiritual Direction?

A conversation with the divine, exploring your spirituality, or an encounter with your higher power: spiritual direction sessions seek to facilitate your growth as you understand and explore your relationship with the divine. For each person the process is unique, and your director engages with you in exploring the possibilities that lead you to new and deeper places of understanding.

What Can We Offer Those Seeking Spiritual Direction?

We, Gail and Paul, offer a rich diversity of experiences, knowledge, and compassion. We have both been through the loss of a faith of origin, and have moved to new faith homes that reflect our personal beliefs and values. We understand that such losses can be traumatic. These experiences, and other life events, have given both of us insights into walking with those who are journeying on a different path. Our desire is to enable you to find the path that is right for you at this point in your life and to acknowledge that life is filled with the possibility of further change. Where is your spirituality leading you? We’re here to walk with you as you discover the answer to this question.

What Types of Services Can We Provide?

We offer individual, couple, and group spiritual direction, as well as Zoom webinars and half-day retreats. Retreats will focus on areas that allow for further spiritual formation and exploration in our areas of specialty, which include:

  • Exploring life beyond organized religion while developing personal spirituality
  • Transitioning from a faith of origin to a new faith home
  • LGBTQIA+ and spirituality: Claiming your faith in authentic and meaningful ways
  • Spirituality and disability: Finding your way in an abled society
  • Doing spirituality on your own when church is not for you